Computing Resource Database

This section of the site is a database of links to Computing and Computer Science resources designed for teachers in the United Kingdom.

I created the rest of the resources on this site in response to the needs of my students on a variety of courses dating back to the 1990s.  This section was created in response to this tweet asking why there are no repositories of links to Computing resources across the web like there are for Maths.  I decided to make one - a crowd-sourced collection of links to quality free on-line Computing and Computer Science resources. 

As my resources are already on this site (check out the A-Z Index for a full list), I haven't added many of my own - the idea is only going to work if you add links as well as searching for them.

You do need to register to add a resource (only an e-mail address is required) but anyone can view and search the resources.  Registration is required to reduce the amount of spam content and to allow you to edit and delete the links that you added.  When you add your e-mail address you are sent a link that you can use to enable the Add a resource link. That's it - no usernames or passwords and you can use the link as many times as you like by adding it as a bookmark or shortcut.

All of the resources added should be free to use.  My suggestion is that you create your own scheme of work and then source the individual lesson resources by searching the database.

If you have any problems, suggestions for improvement, etc., please on the contact form.