The Sorting Balance




This is an interactive sorting game that allows you to compare the efficiency of different sorting algorithms.  Use the balance to sort the jars into order of weight in the dotted boxes at the bottom of the screen (lightest on the left). You can drag the jars onto the scales, or into any of the dotted boxes. The panel on the right shows a record of your comparisons so you don't have to remember them all. If you are unable to drag, you can tap a jar and then tap the area into which you want it to go.

You can click the right-mouse button (or long-press on touch-screens) to return a jar to its original position. You can replace a jar on the scales or in a dotted box by dragging another on top of it - the first jar will be sent back to the top.  You can double-click to highlight one of the boxes at the bottom. When you have ordered the jars correctly you will be told how many comparisons it took, and the jars will reveal their weights.

There is a page on sorting algorithms that might help you identify some methods that you could use, and also a YouTube playlist that will help. There are also other interactive games that focus on Bubble Sort, Merge Sort and Insertion Sort

This contains a large, interactive set of scales and requires the user to drag and drop. Unfortunately, your current screen width is too small - if you are using a mobile device you could try turning it round to landscape orientation.

Sorting Balance

The page can be used with touches, but is easier to use with drag-and-drop, so I recommend that you use a PC to play the game.