Common Tags

Using these simple examples I hope you have got an idea of how HTML works. There are literally hundreds of tags you can use, and whole books devoted to them, but here are a few of the other main ones that you may find useful:

Start End Effect
<strong> </strong> Bold text
<em> </em> Italic text
<u> </u> Underlined text
<h...> </h...> Sets the heading style (1-6)
<br> None Starts a new line
<p> </p> Encloses a paragraph
<ul> </ul> Unordered list (i.e. bullet points)
<ol> </ol> Ordered (i.e. numbered) list
<li> None List item (for bullets and numbering)
<a href=...> </a> Anchor (i.e. hyperlink)
<img src=...> None Inserts an image
<style> </style> Encloses CSS style information

The style attribute can be applied to any of these HTML tags, but it's better practice to separate the style definitions into the <head> of the document, or even into a separate file.  See the page on CSS for more details.