Proxy Log Searcher

The Proxy Log Searcher (84kb) is an application that lets you search through your communications server proxy log, to check for the use of unsuitable terms as URLs or search terms, or to see what a particular network user has been looking at. We use it with an RM communications server, but as far as I know that uses the standard MS Proxy software.

You can choose for yourself the words that it checks for - simple select Word List from the Edit menu. You can also use the Edit menu to set the default location of your proxy files, to save you having to browse for files every time.

Proxy searcher

The application checks through the log, and each time it finds a matching record, it writes the name of the user, the date, the time, and the URL into the output file. The output is in CSV format, so you can view it in a text editor such as Notepad, or a spreadsheet such as Excel. Hopefully it's fairly obvious what to do, but if you have any trouble then let me know! Note that each word in the word list should be on a separate line in the file.

If you want to modify the code yourself, you can click here to download the VB project. For people who have already installed this application, but wish to update to the latest version, the executable file only is available.

To install the proxy searcher application, simply unzip the contents of and run setup.exe.